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Card Stitching Instructions

Basic Tools

• Scissors and craft knife
• Cutting mat
• Pricking tool
• Pricking mat
• Sewing needle
• Machine Embroidery Thread (polyester or rayon)
• Sticky tape (with good archival qualities)
• Double sided tape to adhere stitched card pattern to folded card
• 3D image
• Peel-offs
• Foam pads or silicone glue

Basic Instructions

• Photocopy your chosen pattern.
• Place the photocopied pattern over a piece of stiff card of your chosen colour.
• Prick your pattern through the photocopied pattern and card (using a pin or similar fine tool with your pricking mat).
• Remove your photocopied pattern
• Start sewing from the reverse, anchoring your thread with a small piece of adhesive tape.
• Sew the design using the stitching distances indicated on each pattern. Different stitches may be used – see example diagrams.
• Once stitched, you can greatly reduce the appearance of any large holes by placing your card face down on a hard surface and gently rubbing the back of a teaspoon across the stitch work.
• Attach your design to a folded card of your chosen colour using double sided tape and decorate with peel-offs and 3D Designs of your choice.


Running stitch

This stitch is used to cover straight distances between A and B. To create a more effective line, use double thread or stitch the line twice.

Star Stitch

This stitch is used for filling circles. The thread radiates out from a hole in the centre of the circle and in through a hole on the outer edge of the circle, back out from the central hole and back in though the next hole along the outer edge of the circle. Keep working in a clockwise direction until the circle is complete.

Stem Stitch

This stitch is mainly used to create an outline. Using the guide of 1-5, you should stitch the following;
out at 1 in at 5
out at 6 in at 2
out at 3 in at 7

This process is repeated to the end of the line.

Ray Stitch

This stitch is mainly used to fill leaves or half circles. The thread comes out from the hole offset to the lower end of the pattern and in through a hole at the outer edge of the pattern, out through the offset hole and in through the next hole on the outer edge. Continue in a clockwise direction until the pattern is complete.

Circle Stitch

This stitch creates a design around the outer edge of a circle. Using the guide of 1-5, you should stitch the following:

out at 1 in at 5
out at 6 in at 2
out at 3 in at 7

Continue until you have completed the circle with each hole used twice.

Triangle Stitch

Start at 1 on the left and go to 7 on the right
Up through 6 on the right and down 2 on the left
Up through 3 on the left and down 5 on the right

Once you have completed the numbers 1 thru 7 – your final stitching lines are 1 to 8 on both sides to cover the holes.


Instructions by Ann Lütolf, Ann’s Paper Art

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